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ALT Conference 2016

ALT winners 2007-20016

ALT conference 2016 – ALT Awards

We are proud sponsors and exhibitors of the ALT Conference 2016 for another year.

Toby Yeung ALT Conference 2016

This years conference was the 10th year of running. Which focused on the themes of connecting, collaboration and creating.

Our own Toby Yeung was giving the awards out with two  Key Note representers to some great winners. Overall winners were Daniel Scott from Barnsley College and Learning Technology and Innovation team, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Key Messages

A number of key messages came from the ALT Conference 2016:

This included that Learning Analytics are unique and personal, whilst data use rights and benefits were at the forefront of everyone’s mind. JISC got several commended mentions on how they have supported universities in particular in understanding data.

Another area was the level of reflection that everyone as professionals using learning technology has started to adopt. Gathering feedback and improving on our own performance is equally as important as empowering others in use of learning technology tools.

I also liked the focus on copyright within courses and the level of risk associated with both the tools we use and the content we reuse. This started an interesting discussion that the main responsibilities for the tools are the the university service owners whilst it is the course authors responsibility to make sure they use correct content.

Finally a growing trend within institutions has been to put the user experience first on the tools that are used and developed. This appears to be a growing trend in both software development and in curriculum design, of which I hope to see a continuing growth.



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