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Turnitin V1 to V2 migration


In follow up to I thought it would be useful to provide a further update on TII V1 and TII V2 so that you can plan your turnitin activities before you upgrade to our new Bloom 3 release this summer.

As previously announced turnitin are dropping support for turnitintool V1 for Moodle versions higher than 2.9. This will mean that all customers moving to Moodle 3 this year will need to use Turnitintooltwo in Moodle 3.

Turnitin are in the process of creating a bulk migration tool so that users can convert V1 assignments to V2 assignments using a tab option within the TII V2 plugin. At this stage I am aware that this process will require the site to be in maintenance mode to run. If you big user of turnitin it would be wise to contact them to find out how long this process is likely to take so that you plan this downtime before your upgrade date.

It is also important to note that if you are currently running both V1 and V2 plugins together any course which has a mixture of V1 & v2 assignments will not migrate. Turnitin have kindly provided us with a query to run to check any affected courses so please contact us if you want to check if you could be affected by this. I think the risk is minimal but worth checking if you have V1 & v2 installed an available to your users.

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