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Moodle User Group // Christmas 2015

Moodle User Group: Summary, Slides & Recording

Earlier this week we’ve held the last ULCC Moodle user group meeting of the calendar year. Thank you for the great turnout on the day, those of you who joined us remotely and Dave Matthews for his presentation on the Rose Bruford Single-Sign-On project.


After a brief welcome by Sarah Sherman, our HE user group chair, and the usual housekeeping it was over to David Kenworthy, Head of Software Services to run through the ULCC update. You can watch the recording below, but here are some highlights:

  • ULCC Moodle Stats: 120 customers and 198 service subscriptions
  • ULCC Moodle availability for Dec/2104 to Dec/2015: 99.93%
  • ULCC Moodle Users: 3,222,619
  • FE Engagement: initial F2F interviews with small sample concluded, wider survey to follow in the New Year
  • Operations/Support: improved contract & service records, accurate in-ticket time tracking
  • Moodle 3.0: preparations for Bloom release under-way, roll-outs in April 2016
  • Updates on reporting, coursework and Bloom Thrive
  • Out-of-Hours: current service and future plans

Following Dave’s update we had David Matthews from Rose Bruford College, provide a recap of their Single-Sign-On project and the benefits they’ve seen since its implementation.

The meeting concluded with some round-table discussions, covering topics such as:

  • Out of Hours Support,
  • What next for the ULCC Moodle User Group,
  • and a coursework demo by our developers.

We are still collating the various notes and feedback from these ‘breakout sessions’ and will publish them either as an update to this post or as a separate entry in due course.

ULCC Moodle User Group Recording

As always we have captured the audio and slides during the day’s, allowing you to revisit or catch-up, in case you couldn’t make the meeting. You can also view and download the slides on our SlideShare account.

Image Credit: By Digidreamgrafix (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Sarah Sherman says:

    Thanks for the event summary!

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