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Moodle Moot 2015 – Dublin

This week some of the ULCC team are in Dublin for Moodle Moot. A conference of all things Moodle. It’s the first day with sessions covering learning analytics, boot-strap theming, Office365 Integration and more.

I sat in on the Learning Analytics session ( presented by Gavin Henrick ) who raised some interesting points around:

  • The implications of storing, using and presenting analytical data
  • Adopting actionable-reporting as a standard, that is only create reports where there is an action to follow – else it’s wasted effort
  • The considerations around the learners’ perceptions of the programme – poor design can put considerable strain on the learner, resources and institutions
  • Using analytics in context – providing useful information to the learner and teacher
  • The merits of identifying at-risk students – those who are at risk of dropping out of the course/programme; and costs when these learners are not identified.
  • The adoption of ‘trash mode’ learning by at-risk students – largely trying to use any resources (books, blogs, podcasts, videos, notes, etc) to find a life raft – a single thread that will keep them in the course.
  • The problems of not identifying at-risk students early
  • The learner profile (the typical behaviours engaged in by a learner) in the last four-week period of a course are almost indistinguishable between a student who will get a first and one who will fail.

If you are also attending Moodle Moot in Dublin, wander by our stand and say hello (we even have M&Ms to share!)



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