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Reporting (out of the box)

It has been raised to us on a number of occasions that it is not clear what reporting is available to our customers as standard and supported by ULCC (at no extra cost)

With this is mind I will try and add some clarity to this topic by collating together the current core and additional reporting solutions for Moodle that are provided from ULCC as part of the Bloom service


Standard reports for all administrators

Site adminstrators can view site, course log, activity and participation reports from anywhere is the site via the main settings block. Teachers can also view their own reports in the courses they manage .

In addition admins can enable site statistics. This should be set to run at a quiet period as it is performance intensive.

2014-11-26 11_06_01-ULCC Demo_ Administration_ Reports_ Statistics

Value added reports added by ULCC into your core Moodle build

  1. Analytics (Pwiki / Google)

This can be configured via the new Essential Theme or the local/analytics plugin added since our latest update, more information can be found here 

2. Reports Dashboard

This a ULCC developed block that can be added anywhere within your moodle site and access controlled through  standard moodle capabilities.  Details of the light reports are here.

3. ULCC Monthly stats

Please see our previous post here

4. Tailored Service

If you are on the Tailored service you also have the ability to use third party plugins such as the ad-hoc reports plugin. This plugin is not included in the standard Bloom build but under the Tailored service the changes to terms and conditions cater for this request as institutions can have any plugin installed.

One thought on “Reporting (out of the box)”

  1. Sarah Sherman says:

    Thanks, Emily. Also worth mentioning is the work that Richard Havinga is doing with a small working group of customers to update and improve the reporting offer.

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