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ALT Conference 2016

ALT winners 2007-20016

ALT conference 2016 – ALT Awards We are proud sponsors and exhibitors of the ALT Conference 2016 for another year. This years conference was the 10th year of running. Which focused on the themes of connecting, collaboration and creating. Our own Toby Yeung was giving the awards out with two  Key Note representers to some […]

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User research focused service design

Bloom Banner

University of London have recently created a brand new team that is focusing on research and development around its Moodle based services Bloom. This team are working on improvements to these services and will be making regular updates on progress from its user research programme. So far we have interviewed over 30 different roles at […]

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SSL and System Performance

  From time to time we get asked “If I use SSL – won’t it affect my Moodle’s performance?” – this is a great question.   We see the use of SSL growing across the web (i.e. Banks, Cloud-based Services, Email services, Youtube, Twitter, Google, Facebook…,etc), and there are some good reasons for doing this: […]

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Turnitin V1 to V2 migration

In follow up to I thought it would be useful to provide a further update on TII V1 and TII V2 so that you can plan your turnitin activities before you upgrade to our new Bloom 3 release this summer. As previously announced turnitin are dropping support for turnitintool V1 for Moodle versions higher than […]

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Moodle Moot MOOTIEUK16

Moodle Moot

It was fantastic to see Moodle Moot mootieuk16 come back to London, after a four year break.This was the first UK IE Moodle Moot that was officially supported by Moodle HQ, and this shown by the sheer amount of HQ presenters. There were a number of takeaways that I took from the 3 day event […]

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Security Practices – transferring your private key securely

We have had an increasing number of customers who are moving to have their Moodle run with SSL, which is great. Most have opted for our standard offering, where we (ULCC) generate the private key and provide you (the customer) with the Certificate Signing Request(CSR). You can take this CSR and to your chosen provider […]

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Moodle 3 upgrade – what do i need to know (part 2)

Most of the top queries I receive from our Moodle administrator contacts is related to finding out what admin defaults have changed and any new performance optimisation features that have been included in the new release. One of the main changes that will have the most visible affect to our end users is the UI changes introduced since […]

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Moodle 3 upgrade – What do i need to know?

After feedback from our user group we will continue to use the same upgrade process for major releases. The general consensus was that having a site in read only for a few hours was much better received with users than a full outage, as it still allowed access to resources on the day of the upgrade. […]

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Moodle 3 is coming! (Part 2)

A little bit more about the upgrade process There is never going to be one date that is ideal for all users, however most of our large customer base within the HE & FE community prefer the dates which would appear to have the least impact for the most number of users. Understanding the types of activities and […]

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Community plugins available for Bloom 3.0

As part of our planning process for any new major release we review the current status of Moodle community plugins. This is an important task for us as it helps identify new plugins for inclusion, as well as seeing which plugins have lost a maintainer or are simply not used anymore. Given the frequency of […]

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